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High Bay Retrofits

Universal LED Retrofits

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LED lighting is the most advanced alternative to antiquated, inefficient lighting – and EvoLucia is the most advanced LED lighting available. EvoLucia LED lights are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, as they use up to 75% less energy than traditional light sources, require zero maintenance and drastically reduce carbon emissions. They use no toxic chemicals like the mercury that is found in compact fluorescent bulbs.


Proper thermal management of LED lights is crucial to maximizing lumen output and product life. EvoLucia products utilize cutting-edge “heat sink” technology to draw heat away from the LED light array, keeping the lights at their optimum performance temperature.


EvoLucia products employ Sunovia’s proprietary, patent-pending Aimed Optics™ technology, which provides the highest quality and most e­fficient illumination possible. Expertly designed optics and reflectors strategically direct the LED light exactly where it is needed, virtually eliminating glare, spill and light pollution.


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